Ready mix Concrete Process

Quality Assurance
Carefully selected Raw Materials – It goes without saying that concrete quality starts with the raw materials. Our raw materials are selected based on their performance. Once is use, we constantly monitoring each ingredient to endure it meets specifications.
Mix Design – Mix Designs are designed and tested thoroughly to yield optimal performance.
Concrete Laboratories – Delta is committed to delivering quality concrete as specified. Each region is equipped with state-of-the-art concrete laboratory monitoring the quality of raw materials and the performance of mix designs to assure that concrete meets and exceeds specification
In-House Testing – The constant in-house monitoring of our concrete performance through a regimented concrete sampling program. Process control with our quality management system come process control. We have a thorough system of quality control in place at all our plants. This helps us to identify documents and correct most problems before they reach the field.
Quality – Delta is a well known company in construction industry, a professionally managed, company with adequate system and procedures to ensure quality at all levels of operation. It has fully fledged testing laboratories to monitor product quality.
Quality Control – The quality of the finished concreter should always be of primary concern. Delta Ready-mix delivers a guaranteed product which reduces the risk of quality problems. Product from batching plants, particularly the smaller less sophisticated units is exposed to a higher risk of failure or lack of consistency.
Comprehensive Strength of Concrete – Cubes are cast at the plant as well as the site. Customer can therefore as certain that the concrete he receives at his site has the designed strength.
Durability – Scientifically designed mixes to ensure better durability of the structures.
Workability – Slump is tester immediately after the production and at the time of pour required slump is ensured.